Sunday, 31 October 2010


How can just the touch of their skin be so amazing, plus how can you forget how amazing it feels?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dark Room

I'm inspired everyday to write, although i have to confess my biggest inspiration is Carrie from my new found love of Sex & the City, when i started reading my friends blog i realised i had to start blogging again...

I was working in an empty darkroom yesterday when i realised it was the most relaxed i had felt in a while. I've wanted to be a photographer for the past 3 years but i have always found the darkroom stressful as our college ones are too small for the amount of people working in them, but when i was alone in there it felt like the most beautiful thing, calming and soothing somewhere you can think and work simultaneously without being disturbed by the outside world. I was just feeling refreshed, as a boy came in, he decided to come crashing down into my little world on the enlarger right next to me so much for calming and soothing...